Somali Business Review Issue 3. Vol.14

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IN THIS EDITION, we celebrate 13 years of producing in-depth, on-ground, and expert-led analysis & Insights about the private sector development in Somalia. Congratulations to all of our SBR community for being part of this journey! In these past years, we produced rigorous and dynamic analysis and insights about Somalia’s business, economy, and technological transformation to the leaders, organizations and governments to become better informed, inspired and enriched.  In doing so, the SBR developed and produced almost 14 volumes with over 40 issues and 400 articles of multidisciplinary analysis that contributed to Somalia’s growing business landscape.

Now unto, we are embarking on a new destination in becoming the authoritative and influential source of ideas, insights and analysis about the dynamic business environments and organizations. As it has been said, information is power! We are taking further steps in digitizing our content for our readers to become powerful and unleash leaders’ potential and the economies grow. SBR will not only be limited to printed copies but digital formats as well. 

WE FOCUS THIS ISSUE on several key things shaping the business atmosphere in Somalia. It has been said that there are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen. This is true more than ever when it comes to the digital transformation and its adoption in the world fueled by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The digital transformation is taking place at a faster pace in Somalia as well which has created tremendous opportunities. Internet penetration has been growing in Somalia with affordable and accessible data bundles. This could be a positive indication of where the younger generation is heading from traditional to modern. But the critical question lies on how the youth are benefiting from these opportunities; wasting resources or source of opportunities. Somalia suffers chronic un/underemployment which requires it to be addressed through holistic approaches with any other similar national priorities within NDP9. The Somali youth should reap the growing digital opportunities for the betterment of the nation, but that will depend on how the policymakers prioritise it. The failure of tackling the scars of unemployment will not only be a crisis but a choice by a few for the many. 

On the other hand, in this edition, we have introduced SBR insights, a new section, dedicated to featuring timeless management ideas, advice, and productivity tips. Many more new features will be introduced in the upcoming issue. Stay with us. Congratulations again for celebrating with us on our 13th anniversary of dedicated service to keep our audience understand the Somalis business atmosphere for growth and transformation. 

Mohamed Okash, Editor-In-Chief