SBR Guide for Articles

SBR Guidelines

At SBR, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion of ideas. We strive to create the best and latest contents of the private sector in Somalia to inspire, inform and enrich our readers. To do so, we created the space and the platform for everyone willing to contribute and write with us.

The SBR covers a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship, leadership, organizational change, innovation, technology, and productivity tips. We publish articles both in print and digital forms, and some in digital, only the business news, to reach our readers anytime in anywhere.

Currently, here are the three qualities we look for before we publish.

  • Evidence: We don’t require you to be the expert in the thoughts you share with us, but we do ask you to prove to our readers. Integrating your thoughts with supporting ideas in the right ways will always boost you to be published. The more data you can share, the more interesting it is.
  • Relevance: Writing with us contemporary and dynamic ideas, insights or stories is primary to SBR. We are looking for interesting thoughts and stories from the Somali’s private sector development.
  • Originality: Although everything can’t be new, at the same time we seek new ideas, new insights, and new stories to keep our readers informed, inspired and enriched. Seeking originality is fundamental to SBR. We are open to publish for a unique argument, ideas, or insight about Somalis private sector development.

Are you willing to write with us, if yes? See our format by clicking here.