Somali Business Review, Issue 1, Vol 15 ( February 2022)

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TACKLING THE FRICTIONS- The World is currently experiencing a multifacet carisis ranging from inflation crisis to food and energy crisis. Somalia is no exception facing this widespread crisis as well. The commodity prices hit the highest records, more specifically the fuel and energy crisis which affected almost every sector. As the devastating Russian-Ukrainian war unfolds, Somalia suffered a food shortage more specifically a wheat crisis. According to UNIDO, Somalia is fully dependent on Wheat
production from Russia and Ukraine slowed down the ongoing conflict and global supply chain crisis. Additionally, the uncertainty of the global supply chain also contributed to the vulnerability of Somalia to this unprecedented global crisis. On the hand, our authors, explored Somalia’s development progress in its sectoral analysis, shedding light on the key economic drives that need to be invested including infrastructure and the primary productive sector namely livestock, agriculture and fishing.

As Technology always remains an inevitable factor in unlocking national economies, leveraging its potential is a recipe for progress; therefore, capitalizing on the emergence of Web.30 is urgently needed so no country leaves behind in this fast pace changing world. As cryptocurrency is a vital component of the Web 3.o, our prominent writers penned down a guide for its investment.

Additionally, our writers highlighted the need to embrace data analytics in business and how it could improve decision-making for better results. Also, how businesses need to embrace the digitization process in a fast dynamic world and simply solve business problems for the clients.

Lastly, many other interesting and timely or timeless articles are featured in this issue, including how best you can build progressive financial habits amid this inflation crisis undergoing the world.

Mohamed Okash, Editor-In-Chief, Somali Business Review